Full day Torres del Paine excursions (Autumn – Winter))

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Regular Excursion from Puerto Natales to Perito Moreno

We will leave Puerto Natales between 07:00 and 07:30 hrs. Our transportation service will pick you up at your hotel/lodging, and from there we head toward the border with Argentina. We pass through the small town of Rio Turbio, a coal-mining town which was at its peak in the early 1980s. Then we pass by a typical Patagonian estancia, Tapi Aike, located

50 km

from the village of Cerro Castillo (Chile). Here, our only companions are the pampas and its native grasses, the coiron. With luck the weather will allow us to glimpse the fabulous Torres del Paine, the rock towers of Torres del Paine National Park.
At 11:00 hrs we will arrive at a lookout point where we can enjoy a view of the enormous and beautiful Lago Argentino, the Rio Santa Cruz, and the peaks of Chalten and Fitz Roy. We will arrive to El Calafate where we will stop for half an hour to change money and have a cup of coffee.
We continue now to the highlight of the day, Perito Moreno Glacier, over 12 km long and 8 km wide, with walls which reach over 70 meters above the lake. Here you have the option to ride a catamaran to get closer to the ice bergsand the glacier.

At 15:30 hrs we will begin our return, stopping for an hour in Calafate to enjoy local arts and crafts, and the warmth of the people. Then, with the long daylight hours of Patagonian summer, we head back toward Puerto Natales, enjoying the last of the daylight, arriving between 21:30 and 22:00 hr. A long day, we will have covered

360 kilometers

in our fascinating journey from our town to the world-famous Perito Moreno Glacier.

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We set sail south east towards the Firth of Mountains, where one of its main attractions are the glaciers from 5 glacier mass in the Cordillera Sarmiento, the farthest distance to 63.7 nautical miles from Puerto Natales.
First we crossed the Gulf of Almirante Montt, then we enter the Canal Santa Maria, along the island Diego Portales, from here we have a spectacular view of the Cordillera Riesco, then we arrive atthe entrance to the fjord or channel Mountains.
The flora and fauna are abundant. Various species were sighted as the condor, upland goose, fil fil, kelp, Chercos, plover, duck lile, gulls, Antartic cormorant, steamer duck, crested duck, and so on. As for mammals in this area live foxes, pumas, huemules, etc.As well as seals, dolphins and wolves.
There is also a generous vegetation which are: peanuts, willow,cypress guaitecas, copihues, coigue Magellan ñirre, pataguilla,ragwort, Maite, china grass, chaura, cinnamon, taique, wild raspberry, dwarf cypress, etc..
The first sighted the glacier that Zamudio, then facing the BayBernal flee the later part of Hermann, Encina, and finally after the glacier walls. After witnessing a unique landscape, wild and unspoiled, we began our return.

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On the first trip sail from Puerto Natales by Señoret Canal and then the Ultima Esperanza fjord in the direction of Mount Balmaceda,see Puerto Bories, Isla Guanaco, walls of cormorants, sea lions, plus we accompany Dolphin (Dolphin Magellan) Condors waterfall and cliffs, the Glacier
Balmaceda and finally landed at Puerto Toro, Bernardo O´HigginsNational Park where we witnessed the Serrano Glacier. Here, thestop is 1 ½ hours. That allows us enough time to make a long walkoption (1 hr return) to the base of this glacier. Here we expect theguide to the semi to give us safety instructions, information on the route that will take place, makes the presentation of costumesfloating equipment of last generation, which are given to each passenger, then find that they are the perfect Outdoor Adventurefor Patagonia.
We began to ascend the Rio Serrano (about 40 km long) connecting the fjord with the Torres del Paine. This is fed by melting glaciers Grey, Tyndall, Geikie, Balmaceda. The boats have comfortable individual seats with capacity for 16 passengers, with 2 engines of 100 HP 4 stroke Ecological and 2 crew, one bilingual guide. In this second route we found the Baqueano Marin, a character who has lived for decades along the river, we passed the viewpoint of the Tyndall Glacier (part of the Southern Ice Field), we arrive at Rio Serrano jump and where to leave the Zodiak to walk through native forest for about 15 minutes to find the second boatof the same characteristics that lead us to the final destination
Torres del Paine National Park. Now we know and check for this trip is considered one of the Highlight in adventure tourism in Patagonia.

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Orca The Catamaran Agunsa-and / or boat Tonina beginsbrowsing the Señoret Canal, heading NW towards MountBalmaceda while enjoying a snack served on board. Our firstinterest is the National Historic Landmark in Puerto Bories, which was founded in 1913 by the Tierra del Fuego Operating Societyand for over 60 years was the largest refrigerator in the area. It highlights their masonry buildings, industrial architecture EnglishVictorian style post. in by the Ultima Esperanza fjord we go to IslaGuanaco where there are dolphins and small Magellanic TONINAwonderful. After access through the ranch Margot at the wallCormorants lot of them exhibiting fanning their wings to the wind.Continuing the trip to Punta de Lobos, Agunsa Orca and / orAgunsa Tonina stops to visit the waterfalls and cliffs of condors.The journey continues to the Monte Balmaceda (2,035 meters)where we can see the glacier of the same first name and thendisembark at Puerto Toro to start one hour walk along the shore of the lake, always accompanied by our guide. Through a coigüesnative forest, toward the Serrano Glacier here enjoy the impressive vegetation and the contrast between the clear skies and sea ice.On the way back we enjoyed the unique flavor of whiskey withancient ice like a second snack. Then we set sail back to Puerto Natales.

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FULL DAY IN/FROM PUERTO NATALES: Departures from Puerto Natales

Breakfast. From 07:30 to 08:00 hrs the driver will pick you up at your hotel. The excursion begins visiting the Milodon Cave, a natural monument located on Benitez Hill, 25 kilometers from Puerto Natales, where in 1895 were found remains of extinct animals like Sabre Toothed Tiger, American Horse and a large mammal known as Milodon. It is necessary to walk for half an hour to go into the cave and observe the stalactites, places where the remains were found and a replica of milodon. Afterward a technical stop is held in the village of Cerro Castillo, where there are possibilities for shopping, enjoy the coffee service or just for a break. Continuing the trip toward Torres del Paine National Park, visitors will be able to enjoy the most diverse landscapes, such as, the Magellan deciduous forest and the vast Patagonian steppe dominated by the wind and aridity. On the way is possible to find two species members of the local fauna: the Patagonian guanaco, South American camel and relative of Llama, and the endemic lesser Rhea (Ñandu), relative of the African Ostrich. Once we get to the park, which is a biosphere reserve with a surface over 242.000 hectares, the landscape changes drastically becoming unforgettable due its dozen lakes populated by marine birds, and in the background granite picks dominating the area. Turquoise lakes, waterfalls and mountains covered by ice are the predominant landscape inside the park. A walk for 15 minutes into the park is necessary toward the Waterfall (Salto Grande), which is communicating two big lakes inside the park; Nordenskjold and Pehoe Lakes. After lunch the trip continues with a walk on the shores of Grey Lake, where blue icebergs can be seen, and in the background the vast Grey glacier. Depending on the requirements, the return is done by the same road, or by the new road bordering lakes Toro, Porteño and Sofia. Return to your hotel.

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It is our main program, aimed at who look for  whale watching and wildlife sighting, and fully enjoy the contact with nature. Since the beginning of the trip, there is the company wide variety of birds and marine mammals. Then, we can see ecosystems fjords and channels, with their sub-antarctic forests, glaciers and lush landscapes. After crossing the Strait of Magellan, that it frequented by aboriginal people and the first european explorers, you get to the island Carlos III, where each summer come to humpback whales.


Whale watching, sea birds and wildlife sighting, sailing, hiking, photography

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Pinguinos Magdalena



2 Daly Departures: Min  6 Persons

06:50 hrs Departure from their office/08:00 hrs Departure & Return 11:30 hrs to PUQ

16:15 hrs Departure from their office/17:15 hrs Departure & return 21:00 hrs to PUQ

Solo Expediciones Address: José Nogueira 1255, Punta Arenas

Rate: $ 40.000.- x person (includes ground transportation, navigation & entrances fee)

•       This navigation is subject to the weather conditions

•       GUIDES are not complementary, they pay as a passenger as a normal rate.

Please re confirm dates and shedules.

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Located 75 kms. south of the city of Punta Arenas, on the southeast coast of the Brunswick Peninsula, Cape San Isidro is a mountain’s landscape with a great diversity of species and habitat: Forests of sub Antarctic Evergreen Beech and Winter’s Barck, peat bogs, moist areas, alpine zones, valleys formed by glaciers, rivers and lakes.

It is reached by land through an historical route up to the point of embarcation at the Santa Maria river, for transfer to the lodge, sailing the Strait of Magellan where observation of dolphins and different species of marine birds from circumpolar habitats is common. Read more »